Rapier Page

The rapier is the quintessential weapon of the Renaissance, used both as decoration and in armed clashes. No self respecting Renaissance gentleman would go into the street without one strapped to his hip. It was designed more for thrusting than cutting, but could do both with deadly accuracy.

These weapons are the bread and butter of our operation, and we take pride in having a great variety of different weapons, most combat worthy and all historically accurate. The rapiers look exceptionally good on stage, and complement the text of the most often staged sword fight inclusive plays and operas (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, Cyrano, The Three Musketeers, Don Juan, Don Giovanni, etc.).

Our rapiers come in a vast variety of styles, weights and even types of blades (see the bottom of the page for information on different types of blades.)
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COMBAT USE RAPIER: $10 per week . . . $35 per month
COSTUME USE RAPIER: $7 per week . . . $22 per month

Remember, any Combat Sword can be rented as a Costume Sword at the lower Costume Sword Rate.

How will your actors wear these weapons on stage? Don't forget to check our Leather Page for numerous outfitting options.

Bone Grip Rapier Combat
Cadet Swept Hilt Rapier Combat
Cage Hilt Rapier Combat
Cage Hilt Dress Rapier Costume
Capidimonte Rapier Combat
Steel Capidimonte Rapier Combat
Clam Shell Rapier Combat
Double Ring Rapier Combat
French Rapier Combat
Germanic Rapier Combat
Gustav Vasa Rapier Combat
Hollywood Rapier Combat
Italian Cup Hilt Rapier Combat
Steel Italian Cup Hilt Rapier Combat
Ivory Grip Rapier Costume
Lundholm Rapier Combat
Marquis Rapier Combat
Musqueteer Rapier Combat
Shell Rapier Combat
Shell Chrome Rapier Combat
Spanish Cup Hilt Rapier Combat
Spanish Steel Cup Hilt Rapier Combat
Starfire Rapier Combat
Steel Cage Hilt Rapier Combat
Swept Hilt Rapier Combat
Three Ring Rapier Combat
Wire Grip Dress Rapier Costume

We fit our weapons with three different blades, each producing a different effect. The weapon dimensions, which follow each of these blade descriptions, are merely averages. Some slight variance in length will occur.

Schlager Blade This specific blade is 3/4" wide at the guard, tapering somewhat to a rounded tip. It is quite shiny and flashy - making it the best looking blade under stage lights.
Overall Length: 41.5" Blade Length: 34" Blade width: 3/4 "

Wide Epee Blade This triangular shaped blade is our favorite for it's clarion "ching" sound when struck. Similar to the competition fencing blade, this blade is manufactured specifically for stage combat use - and is therefore more sturdy. It is wider at the guard, tapering to a blunt tip. It sounds great!
Overall Length: 42.5" Blade Length: 35" Blade width: 3/4 "