Payment Terms

  1. We must receive either an official Purchase Order or full payment before we can ship. (see below for more information) We must also receive a signed rental agreement before we can ship. This rental agreement must be emailed to us.
  2. The renter pays all shipping costs, and must prepay initial shipping costs.
  3. EVENTUALLY, ALL COMBAT SWORDS BREAK. This is a fact of Stage Combat. They don't break frequently (we use high quality equipment), but it can happen. If a weapon's blade breaks during your rental, you'll need to pay for it. The old adage: You Break It - You Buy It is a standard in our industry.
  4. SHIPPING TIME IS INCLUDED IN THE RENTAL CHARGE. Our rental time clock begins the day we ship out and doesn't stop until the equipment is back in our shop. Since we are located in the Chicago area (hub of the nation), most of the country is accessible within three to four days - so add a week to your rental period for shipping time. [e.g. If you need the weapons in hand for a full two weeks, it is a three week rental.] If you are late in returning an order, you will be billed for the additional time.
  5. We ship UPS, so you must supply a street address. UPS cannot deliver to a PO box.

Payment Methods

ACADEMIC PURCHASE ORDERS The vast majority of our rental business is with the academic world: universities, colleges and high schools. Their favorite method of payment is our favorite - official School Purchase Orders. In over thirty years and many, many hundreds of transactions, we've never had a problem with payment when a school goes through official channels and obtains a purchase order. The purchase order can be mailed or sent as a pdf attachment to an email. Email or phone us with your needs, and we'll send you a complete Price Quotation with all the information you'll need for your PO requisition.

CREDIT CARDS We accept Credit Card payments: VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER only. Since credit card orders are a very small part of our volume, to defray the increased bank costs of this service we will add 4% to the total cost of the rental order. This is the only method of payment for community theaters, churches or non-Equity professional organizations.

EQUITY BOND Equity productions can guarantee payment and solvency by providing us with a copy of your AEA bond document. We will then accept a Purchase Order.

CASH/CHECK ORDERS Of course, if you wish to pay in cash or check, you may. But we need an up front deposit for the replacement cost of the weapon, as well as prepaid shipping and the cost of the rental. To facilitate an order we will need two checks: 1.) Rental/shipping costs - this check will be deposited immediately; 2.) Deposit check - a check for the total replacement costs of all rental equipment - this check will be held until the weapons are returned on time and unbroken. {a self addressed stamped envelope should be sent for return of the deposit check}. Very few people are willing to do this - and we completely understand. Unfortunately, we've been burned a few times by small startup theatre groups, so our trust has run a bit thin.

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