Links Page

Here are a few interesting sites you may want to check out. We'll add more as we find them.

AMERICAN FENCERS SUPPLY Sport Fencing and Theatrical Combat supplier. We own dozens of their weapons.

BABES WITH BLADES I think the name says it all!

THE RING OF STEEL - Theatrical Combat Club. These guys love to fight! A great place to learn more about the art and practice of stage combat - and they have a wonderful links page for other armourers.

THE RING LORD Want to build your own chain maille? (Do you have HUNDREDS of hours to devote to it?) Then visit here. All you'll ever need for chainmaille armour or jewelry making.

STARFIRE SWORDS Very combat worthy swords - we rent these as well.

THE SWORDSMEN An incredibly funny duo, Dirk and Guido are masters of the manly arts of swordplay, hand-kissing, and comic poetry.

THERION'S ARMS AND ARMOR RESOURCES Another comprehensive listing of all things combat related.