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The swords on this page are often called transitional weapons. They have a comparatively limited historical footprint, yet they serve two distinctly different periods: buffers between the Medieval/Renaissance periods, and between Renaissance/19th Century.

COURTSWORDS The first four weapons shown are Courtswords: worn after the Renaissance during the 17th & 18th Centuries. This is the period of Congreve, Goldsmith, and Sheridan through the Empire and Napoleonic eras.

LIGHT SWORDS These weapons have been designed as a compromise between the larger broadsword and the more Renaissance-like rapier. They have the traditionally more Medieval cross hilt, but are comparatively light weight. They are perfect for a production where dragging around a heavier sword would be burdensome or impractical. They work quite well for a Joan of Arc or late Medieval Shakespeare (Richard III, the Henry plays, etc.) And if you want your Robin Hood and Sheriff to "swashbuckle", the Starfire Crescent and Light Swords are perfect! We also use these for the popular new play She Kills Monsters as they are easier for the ladies to wield. Contact Tim Frawley with any questions.

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COMBAT USE LIGHT SWORD: $10 per week . . . $35 per month
COSTUME USE LIGHT SWORD: $7 per week . . . $22 per month

Remember, any Combat Sword can be rented as a Costume Sword at the lower Costume Sword Rate.

How will your actors wear these weapons on stage? Don't forget to check our Leather Page for numerous outfitting options.

Brass Courtsword Combat
Classic Courtsword Combat
Hollywood Courtsword Combat
Napoleonic Courtsword Combat
Florentine Light Sword Combat
German Light Sword Combat
Medieval Valencia Light Sword Combat
Neoclassical Light Sword Combat
Renaissance Light Sword Combat
Valentine Light Sword Combat
Starfire Crescent Light Sword Combat
Starfire LS32 Light Sword Combat